In your own words, please explain your reason for seeking chiropractic care, and any initial complaints. What advice would you give to a friend, co-worker or loved one who was considering taking a step toward better health through chiropractic? And finally, how has chiropractic made a difference in your life? Thank you for sharing.

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On May 22nd 2007 my neck, back, and knee were hurting all the time. I was taking a pain pill and muscle relaxers. I was only able to walk using a cane and a wrap on my knee. This went on for a year. One year later, I came to see Dr. Brassie and went 3 days a week for one month. After this I was able to walk without the cane or wrapping my knee. I don’t have to tale pills anymore after three months. Now I’m walking better every day. Edith Dunn Female Age 56